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Many of WVLN's most successful leaders are willing to share their expertise with you.  Just drop them an email to get started.  Note there is also a category for general, non-specific questions related to process improvement.  We will be adding more topics and categories in the upcoming months.

Our experts are doing this on their own time with no compensation.  So make use of their knowledge, but also be respectful of their time.  

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A3 Problem Solving
Brian Hudson
IU Health

Value Stream Mapping
Ghera Consulting Services

Lean Exercises/Training
IU Health

Control Charts/Statistics

WVLN Networking and Engagement
Wabash Valley Lean Network

Improvement Kata, Coaching Kata
Ghera Consulting Services

Purdue MEP - no cost, annual 2 hour consultation for WVLN members
Purdue MEP

WHIN Program Information and Questions

General Process Improvement Questions
Tim McCarthy