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WVLN Membership Meeting
December 6, 2018
8AM - 11AM

Wabash Valley Lean Network

SIA Training Center
5500 US 38
Lafayette IN 47905

Join Wabash Valley Lean Network for a morning of presentations and discussion on process improvement using lean tools and philosophy.

The first half of the meeting will cover “Lean in the Office” with presentations by several member companies. 

Todd Weston with Centric Consulting is our opening speaker with "How the Daily Management System Can Turn Your Office Into a High Performing Team." 
Todd will introduce the DMS concepts in a way that will provide real world examples of how to align your strategic initiatives with daily activity. We will specifically look at how this applies to an office/transactional setting and use concrete examples that will allow you to draw a correlation to work in your own organization.
Todd is the National Director Of Business Process Improvement with Centric Consulting.

Kevin Steele will share an improvement project he led with the HR group at Valparaiso University.  Miraculously he survived.  Note that this is one of Kevin's first improvement projects, so it should be an especially good example for folks and teams just getting started.  Kevin is Director of Academic  Technology and Assistant Director  of Continuous Improvement at Valpo.

Gary Shuman will cover "The People Side of Change."  As we all know, people can be the most challenging part of any improvement initiative.  Gary will walk us though some examples of how to get everyone pulling the same way.  Gary is currently a Senior Manager at Avnet.  He was also Avnet's Director of Operational Excellence for a number of years.   

While Lean is most often thought of as a tool for improving manufacturing production, organizations who employ Kaizen in their offices routinely improve their productivity two- or threefold. Whether you work in human resources, purchasing, order entry, customer service, R & D or accounting, all administrative and transactional functions can be improved using the principles of Continuous Improvement. Once you and your employees realize that waste exists in these operations too, you and your team can begin to identify all of the opportunities for streamlining administrative/transactional processes to produce a significantly more efficient office.

Let's face it... there's waste in ANY process. And who knows better how to remove that waste than the people doing the work everyday? But the challenge - and sometimes it seems an insurmountable one - is that employees in the office invariably believe "We work in an office. We're not in manufacturing. Lean ideas don't apply to us." How then can you convince managers, supervisors, and front-line employees your offices world that they can and should look for the waste that's right under our noses to find small, inexpensive ways to eliminate it?

Also note that as part of your WVLN membership you have access to a great video that demonstrates improvement in an office environment.

"Lean for the Office…Creating the Perfect Day" is a 35-minute video which introduces and demonstrates Lean tools applied to all of these administrative operations and more. Using fun and easy to understand examples, the GBMP team will get your team excited about applying these powerful tools to their work to achieve dramatic results in their daily jobs. You'll hear from actual administrative employees who have embraced lean thinking and as a result have more time and energy, and less frustration and wasted resources. Your employees will see how and why lean can benefit them and they'll learn the steps they can take to start reducing the waste and frustration of their jobs with minimal effort, right away... to set out on the path toward creating the perfect day... for themselves, for their co-workers, for the business, and ultimately, for your customers.

This is a fabulous tool for teaching, training and generating improvement ideas in your organization.

The second half we will split up for our UnConference/Breakout sessions.  This is a chance to meet with others on topics of interest for you.  No matter if you are there to learn, to share your experiences or to encourage others, there is something for everyone to contribute.  These are not presentations, so the topics can go where the group wants to go.
Standard Work
Improvement Kata/Training
Lean Office/Continuous Improvement
Statistics/Data Collection
....and one or two more to be determined.  

There will also be time to meet, share, learn and improve with each other before, during and after them meeting.

As fabulous as the presentations are in providing new ideas and training that we can actively us in our organization and person lives, the profound power of the group is the opportunities to meet, engage, and network with highly motivated individuals and leaders driving improvement in their organizations.

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Non-members of WVLN can attend one or two of our meetings as guests (at no-cost), so feel free to invite a friend/peer who might have interest in attending this special program.

Ready to join the group?
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