Upcoming Events

WVLN Membership Meeting

Harre Union
1509 Chapel Drive
Valparaiso IN 46383
March 21, 2019 8AM - 10AM

SIA Training Center
5500 Indiana 38
Lafayette, IN 
April 4, 2019 8AM - 11AM

Join WVLN for a fabulous morning of learning, sharing and networking at Valparaiso University on March 21st and SIA Training Center in Lafayette on April 4th.  As always, there will be actionable presentations focused on process improvement using lean philosophies and tools.

Check out www.wvln.org for more information.  Want to see a list of member organizations?  Not sure if your organization is a member already?  Not sure if you are current or past due on your membership dues....check out our membership and current/past due list.

March 21st at Valparaiso University:
Flow, Kanban and Pull Systems with video and sample training exercises.
Presented by Jim Handy and Steve Ghera.
This month our focus is the concept of flow and how a pull system, kanban and cellular processing can improve your processes.  It doesn't matter what industry you are in or the size of your organization.....understanding and implementing flow drive improvement.

Flow is essential to the elimination of waste. If the value stream stops moving forward at any point, waste is the inevitable by-product. The lean manufacturing principle of flow is about creating a value chain with no interruption in the production process and a state where each activity is fully in step with every other.

Pull/Kanban is based on the concept of building products based on actual consumption. The system uses visual signals when parts need to be replaced. Participants learn how to control shop floor inventory and production schedules by implementing pull systems. 

Cellular processing is the linking of operations and processes into the most efficient combination of resources to maximize value-added content while minimizing waste.
Jeff Snyder from Task Force Tips will share some of the improvement projects they have been working on.  TFT is located in Valparaiso.
And we will have time for networking, discussion and sharing before, during and after the meeting.

April 4th at SIA Training Center, Lafayette IN:
Tim Martin, Business Transformation Specialist at Franciscan Health, will lead us though the topic of Standardized work. 

Standardized work is one of the most powerful but least used lean tools. By documenting the current best practice, standardized work forms the baseline for kaizen or continuous improvement. As the standard is improved, the new standard becomes the baseline for further improvements, and so on. Improving standardized work is a never-ending process.

Presentations, training exercises and member company success stories will all be included.  

1-Tying standardized work to the why.
2-Best known way of doing it today.
3-Revising the standardized work utilizing kaizen and “it’s (std work) not carved in stone (until the end of time)”
4-Hire for attitude and team work, and set the expectation to utilize the standardized work starting with orientation..
5-Teaching standardized work – see one, do one, teach one, or some other approach.
6-Presenting the info in standardized work based on people’s learning style– pictures, words, talk.

And time for networking, discussion and sharing before, during and after the meeting.

Note: We are looking for a couple member companies to present improvement projects at the April meeting.  Do you have an improvement project you are proud of and would like to present?  Drop me an email and we will try to fit you in during the April meeting.  

As fabulous as the presentations are in providing new ideas and training that we can actively use in our organization and personal lives, the profound power of the group is the opportunities to meet, engage, and network with highly motivated individuals and leaders driving improvement in their organizations.

Non-members of WVLN can attend one or two of our meetings as guests (at no-cost), so feel free to invite a friend/peer who might have interest in attending this special program.

Ready to join the group......
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