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WVLN Membership Meetings
Lafayette IN March 4, 8AM - 11AM. Paul Akers
(note this is a Wednesday meeting)

Big news from the Wabash Valley Lean Network! Paul Akers of "Two Second Lean" fame will be our featured speaker at the March 4th meeting. Paul is an inspiring example of what happens when you choose to improve your work and life every day. He walks the talk and has so many inspiring examples of small improvements & nuggets of wisdom you don't want to miss.

NOTE: Register early as I expect this event to be a sellout.  We only have a limited amount of seating.  We are already 70% sold out.

If you want some examples, go over to YouTube and search for Paul Akers. He has many examples of lean improvements at work and at home. Good stuff.

Click here for Paul's end of year message. It is about 7 minutes long and is focused on one of our favorite topics, training.

You usually have to travel to Orlando or Vegas at a cost of hundreds of dollars to hear Paul. Here is your chance to hear him for no cost at Lafayette IN. We will meet at SIA Training Center.

And...if you want to check out Paul's biography before the meeting, here is the link.

Link to Eventbrite Registration WVLN Lafayette IN Mar 4th (Wednesday)

First WVLN meeting in Bloomington is scheduled for March 26th at the Switchyard Park Pavilion in Bloomington. 

Whether you’re new to process improvement and lean or an experienced practitioner, join us for the inaugural meeting in Bloomington. Connect with peers and share experiences of implementing Lean process to a wide variety of fields, from manufacturing to healthcare to finance. Light refreshments will be provided, followed by guest speakers, a panel discussion, and time to network.  

Link to Eventbrite Registration WVLN Bloomington IN Mar 26th 

As fabulous as the presentations are in providing new ideas and training that we can actively use in our organization and personal lives, the profound power of the group is the opportunity to meet, engage, and network with highly motivated individuals and leaders driving improvement in their organizations.

And there will be time for networking, discussion and sharing before, during and after the meeting.

Non-members of WVLN can attend one or two of our meetings as guests (at no-cost), so feel free to invite a friend/peer who might have interest in attending this special program.

Note: We are always looking for member companies to present an improvement project.  Do you have a project you would like to share with the group?  Do you have a subject you are passionate and knowledgeable about and would like to share? Drop me an email and we will fit you in during an upcoming meeting.

Check out www.wvln.org for more information.  Want to see a list of member organizations?  Not sure if your organization is a member already?  Not sure if you are current or past due on your membership dues....check out our membership and current/past due list.

Ready to join the group......
Contact Doug Ellenberger –dellenberger@greaterlafayettecommerce.com