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WVLN Membership Meetings

Fabulous meeting this Thursday Oct 17th at Valparaiso University.
GE Aviation Tour Oct 25 now open to 3 people per member company.
Note: You or your organization must be a member of WVLN to attend.
Details below.

October Meeting, Valparaiso University, October 17, 8AM-10:30AM

Dr. Dean Schroeder will be presenting on "Lean Insights from Public Sector CI."  Dr. Schroeder is a nationally renowned author and speaker. 

Dean M. Schroeder is an award-winning author, consultant & scholar whose work helping organizations improve management outcomes continues to garner praise. His best-selling book,Ideas Are Free, co-authored by Alan Robinson, was voted the Reader’s Choice by Fast Company magazine and selected as one of the 30 best business books of the year by Soundview Executive Books. As a consultant & speaker, Dr. Schroeder has worked with many types of companies & organizations around the world.

We have a second presentation by Keith Poole.  Keith has presented at national events and is in high demand as a consultant. He will be presenting “A Case Study of Lean Leadership for Culture Change."
Keith Poole, MSQA, CSSBB provides engagement oversight for khrusallis consulting group and acts as the primary liaison with senior leadership.  Keith is also an expert in on-site kaizen event facilitation, Lean training and education, data analysis, and satisfaction measurement programs. He brings a unique Engineering mindset, a passion for improvement, and deep respect for healthcare providers and clinical staff.

Have you ever wondered how a solid program of process improvement/lean could benefit your organization?  John Moloney will answer that question in our third presentation detailing the actual results an organization can expect following the lean path.  John has a strong background in lean and process improvement, most recently with Tower International.  "The Lean Journey - As a Book."
Don't miss this superb learning opportunity.  All presentations are applicable and actionable, no matter what industry you are in or your level of experience with process improvement.  

Register for the Valparaiso meeting below with this link to Eventbrite.
WVLN meeting at Valparaiso University

Oct Meeting, Lafayette IN, October 25 - No morning meeting, tour only.
Tour of GE Aviation, Lafayette IN - October 25 (Friday).
There will be 3 duplicate tours starting at 3PM, 3:30PM and 4PM.
We are very limited to the number of people we can take through the facility in each group, so we are limiting the registration to three people per member organization.

You can register below with these links to Eventbrite:
3:00 Tour

3:30 Tour

4:00 Tour

We will get to tour the assembly facility and then have a Q&A session with GE leadership.  What a way to end your work week!!!

As fabulous as the presentations are in providing new ideas and training that we can actively use in our organization and personal lives, the profound power of the group is the opportunity to meet, engage, and network with highly motivated individuals and leaders driving improvement in their organizations.

And there will be time for networking, discussion and sharing before, during and after the meeting.

We are looking to benchmark companies who have implemented Total Productive Maintenance as part of their Lean deployment.  If your company is doing TPM and you would like to be part of this benchmarking group, please contact Humberto DeLuca at Lilly or email me and I will make the introductions.

Non-members of WVLN can attend one or two of our meetings as guests (at no-cost), so feel free to invite a friend/peer who might have interest in attending this special program.

Note: We are always looking for member companies to present an improvement project.  Do you have a project you would like to share with the group?  Do you have a subject you are passionate and knowledgeable about and would like to share? Drop me an email and we will fit you in during an upcoming meeting.

Check out www.wvln.org for more information.  Want to see a list of member organizations?  Not sure if your organization is a member already?  Not sure if you are current or past due on your membership dues....check out our membership and current/past due list.

Ready to join the group......
Contact Doug Ellenberger –dellenberger@greaterlafayettecommerce.com