How to Join Wabash Valley Lean Network

How to Join Wabash Valley Lean Network

It is easy to join WVLN.  We can get you signed up now, and you will be sent an invoice covering the next 12 months.  The company membership is $500 total per year.  This allows anyone from your company to attend the meetings in Lafayette, Indianapolis, Valparaiso and Bloomington.  And it can be any number of people....any number of meetings  The membership is crazy cheap for what it provides.  And we continue to roll out new benefits with no increase in membership cost.  There is also an individual membership for $250 per year for just one person.

And while the presentations each month are fabulous, the real power of the network is being able to meet, engage and network with highly motivated individuals and leaders driving change in their organizations.  And we have additional benefits for members and are always adding more.

You can always find meeting details and more information at

All we need to get you signed up is:
1) company/organization name.
2) company/organization address.
3) company/organization phone number.
4) primary contact name.
5) email address for primary contact person.
6) name and email address of anyone else in the company who should receive the meeting emails.
Billing Information (if different than primary contact person)
7) Billing contact name
8) Billing address

Just email this info back to me at your convenience.

The invoice will cover the next 12 months.  You can pay Joan by credit card or check.  Once you paid, you are member.  Note:

Let me know if you have any questions.


Doug Ellenberger
Wabash Valley Lean Network