Phone a Friend

Phone a Friend is a take off from the "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" television show originally hosted by Regis Philbin.

This is an opportunity for you to have 30 seconds to ask for help from the collective membership during the opening of a meeting. This could be a problem you are facing, a new project, people issues, improvement techniques.....really anything you would like to have assistance from the collective pool of experience, wisdom and creativity of the membership.

We post your question here along with your email for two months in case someone wasn't at the meeting or has an idea after the meeting.

Would you like to leverage the network to gain thoughts/ideas on a problem within your company?  
Submit your Phone-A-Friend requests HERE.

August 2018 
Joe Petrovich
US Steel - Gary Indiana
"We use control charts to ensure our processes are under control.  What is the best way to determine if our process of using control charts is under control?  How do other companies determine if what they are doing with control charts is being done properly on a macro basis?  What kind of metrics are you using?"