Purpose of WVLN

WVLN is a statewide, member-driven group, focused on applying Lean principles and continuous improvement methods to eliminate waste in business processes so member organizations can gain a competitive edge.  WVLN helps train, connect and encourage members on their lean journeys through the exchange of knowledge and experience.  Each meeting provides opportunities to meet, engage and network with highly motivated individuals and leaders who are driving improvement in their organizations.

What WVLN Does

WVLN helps organizations transform their modes of operation through process-based innovation and end-to-end business process improvement.  WVLN members also capitalize on Lean-related learning opportunities, field trips, benchmarking visits and access to new resources.  WVLN also helps members improve quality management systems and stay compliant with International Quality Systems Standards.

How WVLN Operates

WVLN provides these benefits by arranging for members to gather once each month to learn from each other.  Each WVLN membership meeting is planned to cover 3-hours so a particular Lean topic can be discussed in depth, and application case studies from various industries can be presented.  Meetings also provide valuable time for members to network with speakers, and other Lean practitioners and leaders. The WVLN Steering Committee plans the monthly programs and arranges other WVLN events. 

Who Participates in WVLN

Although Lean concepts were developed to improve performance of manufacturing operations, Lean tools have been adapted to improve performance of non-manufacturing and office operations.  WVLN members represent a wide variety of industries: manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, financial services, software development, educational institutions, retail, hospitality, etc.   WVLN member organizations now attend our monthly meetings from throughout Indiana and several surrounding states.

Additional WVLN Benefits for Member Companies and Members

Purdue MEP provides a no cost, no obligation, on-site, two hour consultation, training, assessment, coaching, evaluation, etc to any member company each year.  Contact Doug Ellenberger (see below) or Jim Handy at Purdue MEP for more details and to get started.

WVLN has a vast video library of professionally produced lean/process improvement videos that you can stream at no cost for education or training for yourself or your organization.  These are not available on YouTube.  Contact Doug Ellenberger (see below) for more information.
Just these two benefits alone more than pay for your annual WVLN membership.

Monthly Membership Meetings 

Most WVLN meetings are held on 1st Thursday, 8:00 – 11:00am, at Subaru/SIA Training Center in Lafayette. Each year, two meetings are held at UAW/Rolls-Royce Training Center in Indianapolis and one meeting at the Lilly Corporate Center in Indianapolis.
Additional WVLN meetings are held at Valparaiso University on a regular schedule.

How to Join WVLN

Annual Membership Fees are only $500 for a company membership, or $250 for an individual.  An unlimited number of persons can attend WVLN monthly events per company membership.  Membership allows attendance at any regular WVLN meeting.


For more information about WVLN, contact Doug Ellenberger at Greater Lafayette Commerce:
      Email:  dellenberger@greaterlafayettecommerce.com
      Phone:   765-807-5929
      Mail:   PO Box 348, Lafayette, IN   47902